A new chapter begins: The Imaging Company

A reliable supplier/distributor of machine vision technology. That is what The Imaging Company is. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, founder Dietmar Serbée adds a new chapter to his ‘passionate relationship’ with machine vision and deep learning.

At The Imaging Company you will find state-of-the-art machine vision solutions, in a wide range of brands, from low end to high end, at competitive prices.

The founder of The Imaging Company: “I have come to know this industry as very innovative, always looking for solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. That has always fascinated me. I have come to realize that innovators in machine vision must be able to count on a reliable partner. We are that reliable partner. We supply cameras, optics, illumination, advanced software and other equipment with all conceivable accessories and parts, throughout the Benelux. All are high quality products, for a good price. But more important than the quality of the products is our dedication to our customers. That ultimately makes the difference in achieving a perfect solution.”

Machine vision expert

Dietmar has taken different paths in his career as a machine vision expert. With The Imaging Company, he is convinced that he is fulfilling an important need in the market. “That market is so fascinating and multifaceted! From applications in food, agri, in clean rooms and elsewhere: in this business, thinking out of the box is a basic requirement. I want to make a contribution to that. With an important touch: with a lot of knowledge and with maximum attention for the customer. That is what I stand for!

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A new chapter begins: The Imaging Company
25 years of experience in machine vision
Quick and easy ordering, promptly delivered!
A wide range of brands
Takes care of your needs, short & long term!

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