Neurocle released 'Neuro-X', Deep Learning Software for Experts

Neurocle newly released Neuro-X, Deep Learning Software for Experts optimized to create deep learning models. Neurocle has expanded its market, showing software targeted to deep learning experts.

It offers various functions such as △modeling system that creates models optimized to various tasks directly △data management system that reduces the resources of managing data by experts. A deep learning modelling system of Neuro-X provides infinite model optimization and there are no constraints or limits in developing models and setting different combinations of training hyperparameters.

Compare to other existing software which focuses on data-based optimization such as Augmentation, Neurocle provides model-based optimization. For example, by selecting different Learning Rates and Learning Rate Decay options for each task, users can adjust the speed and directions of model optimization. From the perspective of deep learning experts, experiments can be conducted under a combination of various conditions, and deep learning models can be optimized without setting limits. In addition, Neurocle’s data management system for deep learning experts is perfect for systematic data management of deep learning projects. Datas can be managed by various characteristics and provides a structure suitable for history management.

In fact, it takes an average of six months for many deep learning researchers to optimize and distribute a model, more than 80% of which are spent on tasks that are related to data. Neurocle can reduce data management resources by about 50% compare to the previous one. In addition, through this structure, information on deep learning project design can be easily checked. Thus deep learning research knowledge can be leveled up and the project can be continuously advanced even when some changes occur during handover.

“As deep learning vision technologies have been applied to various industries for tasks such as defect inspection in manufacturing, medical image interpretation, and logistics packaging inspection, there has been an increase in the number of users who have a rich knowledge in deep learning. Therefore, a new release of Neuro-X is to suit needs of these users who want to utilize their expert knowledge in a deep learning project”, Neurocle official said.

He then said, “The goal is to gradually reflect what experts have previously tried with deep learning libraries such as Tensorflow in our products, and to provide a generalized environment where researchers and students majoring in related fields can conduct experiments with a high degree of freedom.


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Neurocle released 'Neuro-X', Deep Learning Software for Experts
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