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OPT is a machine vision components and software supplier for factory automation. OPT products include vision system, light sources, industrial cameras, lenses, 3D laser sensors, barcode readers, etc. The industrial cameras can be mainly divided into area scan cameras which include global shutter and rolling shutter with resolution stretching from 0.3MP to 150MP, and line scan cameras which are compatible with GigE Vision, USB3.0 Vision, CameraLink, CoaXPress and GenlCam standards with resolution ranging from 2K to 16K.

The lenses include Coloretto/Hawk/Grampus series line scan lenses, 29M/151M/Cobra series/ Dolphin 20M series/10M/5M/2M series fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, etc.

The 3D laser sensors include ultra high speed series, high precision series and cost-effective series.

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