Bin Picking Studio

Versatile robotic intelligence software for bin picking applications

Bin Picking Studio from Photoneo is the most versatile robotic intelligence system for bin picking applications that combines powerful, in-house developed 3D vision in the form of the PhoXi 3D Scanner and robotic intelligence software.

This all-in-one picking solution adopts a CAD-based approach tested and approved by automotive customers with high demands for robustness and accuracy.

Thanks to the integration with the industrial-grade PhoXi 3D Scanner , Bin Picking Studio can be deployed in the harshest industrial environments. Full path planning and collision avoidance ensure rapid calculation of movement trajectories, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

Bin Picking Studio supports a large database of hundreds of robot models from leading robot manufacturers.

Reasons to choose the Bin Picking Studio

Pick multiple objects in one scenario

You are able to pick up to 4 different objects and use up to 4 scanners within one bin-picking scenario.

Bin Picking Studio is currently supporting a large database of robot models. And with the ones that are not, we commit ourselves to add any model of the robot from the supported brands for you, your projects and your convenience.

Bin Picking Studio offers a specially designed engine for the selection of gripping points in the virtual environment directly on the model of an object. With this tool, finding the right point to grasp will never be a problem.


  • Up to 99.9% success by cycle time of only 5-seconds
  • Fast and robust localization results
  • Empty scene detection ensuring the reduction of production lead time
  • VNC solution enabling you to access your vision controller remotely without the need to be present near the robotic line or the device itself
  • Path Planning optimized for 6 axis manipulators with the option to disable collision checking for speed boosting in collision-free environments
  • CAD-based localization algorithms with smart features for bin picking like smart memory and a quick scan integration with the industrial-grade PhoXi 3D Scanner

Markets and Applications

Bin picking applications for example in Logistics, Packaging, Automotive, etc.

Bin Picking Studio
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